because when managing your stress it's:​​

  • natural, easy to use, but it's also very discreet
  • customized to your unique personality
  • success is measurable - you can record your progress
  • a holistic approach
  • not affiliated to any religion or culture
  • based on current scientific evidence


A simple truth that we all know is;
When you have a calm mind, heart and body 
                 - you make positive decisions; 
When you make positive decisions 
                 - you get excellent results; 
When you have excellent results 
​                 - you have satisfaction;
​When you are satisfied

                 - you are happy!

Hi and welcome! 

I'm Victoria Sheridan, here in Kent, UK and I've retired from a teaching and lecturing career to my focus my attention on the mental health and well being of successful professional women who are stressed and anxious.

I understand what it feels like to be overwhemlmed and feel tense and I've mentored and coached many successful CEOs in corporate positions, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs in sports and arts.

​The techniques I use are natural; based on neuro-science and psychology.
They're drawn from many different cultures around the world and work effectively to help each of my clients to achieve a peaceful resilience and happpier life. 

Come along for a Free 1:1 disocvery session or book a phone/Skype call ​to find out if I have the answer to your concerns.

You no-longer have to feel tense and overwhelmed but instead you can feel empowered to move forward.
I can help you deal with stressful situations so that​ you have your own set of bespoke methods that suit you and your personality.

During my long and extensive career I've helped thousands of people to manage their stress and feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious.
Based outside London in North Kent, near Bluewater and Dartford Crossing, I have a bunch of relevant qualifications on my wall and many consider me to be a bit of a 'popular expert'.

I also hosted my own celebrity life coaching show on internet and FM radio, have had several articles published in a variety of magazines and I still guest lecture in colleges and universities.

Truly, it upsets me - and I feel great empathy - when I see so many people feeling anxious and unhappy so that their careers, relationships and health are ruined. Especially, when I know they all have such wonderful potential to improve their lives.

So if you recognise that I can help you, then contact me now and we can have a chat about it.

Please be assured that your privacy is valued and respected and that all sessions are treated with the strictest confidentiality. The Secret Calm™ is always careful to keep your experiences around stress and your empowerment a private concern.

These are the 3 very powerful aspects about The Secret Calm™ that make it so successful. 

These stress relieving techniques are a rich blend of ancient and modern methods, drawn from neuro-science and modern understanding of human behaviour.

Our understanding of how your brain creates habitual responses to stress triggers also helps us to understand the ways it can counteract them and you can take control of your feelings and worries.

So the emotional peace you get from this, provides you with a valuable key to managing stressful conditions and achieving a lasting peace of mind, heart and body.

Victoria says, "The Secret Calms are easy to learn, effective to use and you're the only one who knows you're using them. ​These life-changing techniques are popular because they're so subtle; they become your personal secret"

Your bespoke set of stress management and relaxation techniques are carefully chosen to help you manage your reactions to stressful situations and overcome your tension and feelings of anxiety.

The Secret Calm™

Let me explain how you can use these simple techniques to create an impressive Olympian-style workforce with innovative ideas and productivity that can push your profits and share prices ahead of other competitive companies.

And how you can maintain the high quality workforce you want, with employees who are commitment and interested in growing and developing your company.

What can The Secret Calm™ 'achieve' for you?
These techniques have a wide appeal because they can be universally applied and because they are based on our innate nature and not attached to any religious, philosophical or cultural beliefs.

Massive amounts of research into health using modern brain scanning technology has proven that our brains are not just malleable but are easily tricked into specific behaviours. So, business directors and entrepreneurs have eventually, come to the same understanding that marketing gurus have understood for years.

That we can link our senses to our experiences to create an emotional response. This response produces a series of thoughts that are integrated into our memory store. They align strongly with previous, thoughts and belief systems or if they are new or challenging, they stand weak, waiting for further reinforcement.

The Secret Calm is like the cavalry, riding in with those reinforcements.

And like Olympic winners, using spaced repetition and 'purposeful day-dreaming' techniques, your current employees and management teams can become this force for tremendous achievement.

They're already a fantastic asset and yet there is still so much more potential for even greater outcomes - for the individual, the department and your company.

The Secret Calm™ offers a wide range of effective techniques can achieve this for companies like yours.

Share your ideas and vision with me now to discover if I have the right answers to your questions.

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