Do you want a CRYSTAL CLEAR PLAN to help you step into the next phase of your life?

Would you like to work out what's stopping you from being HAPPIER?

Does the idea of coaching sessions that make you CALMER, HEALTHIER and YOUNGER appeal to you?

Here's a secret for you!
REJUVENATION COACHING will give you techniques that NO ONE KNOWS you're using.... they're your secrets!
1:1 sessions can quickly replace your uncertainty with an EMPOWERING POSITIVITY

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Are you feeling stressed about your future?
Are you worrying about 'who' you'll become?
Are youhoping to have a life full of meaningful purpose?

You CAN overcome the stress of tranition and the uncertainty of change

You can replace s tress and worry with a positive approach to life. And you can be healthier, look more youthful and be revitalised. When you learn these discreet techniques, that no one else know you're using, you can be rid of feelings of being overwhelmed.

Feeling stressed and anxious can lead to poor eating habits and lack of decent quality sleep which create confusions and poor decision making.

Ultimately all forms of stress damages your body because your cells become less rsistant to free-radicals. These free-radicals cause oxidadtive stress which simply means they attack your cells which break down. This makes you vulnerable to disease and speeds up the ageing process.


But there are simple ways to feel calm and energised - ready for any changes and new directions.


You can REJUVEANTE your BODY, your EMOTIONS, and your MINDSET 

The Secret Calm will give you the methods , at your own pace, according to your own preferences.

First make a quick assessment of yourself as you are right now, today.

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Tick all that apply to you   

Yes   No   I'm longing for a good night's sleep
Yes   No   I wish I could eat better?
Yes   No   I need more energy and vitality 
Yes   No   I'd love to feel attractive and younger

Yes   No   I wish others would listen to me
Yes   No   I need to feel valued and appreciated
Yes   No   I'd love to feel more confident
Yes   No   I want to be make good decisions

Yes   No   I'd like to be secure in my future
Yes   No   I long to be carefree 
Yes   No   I'm ready for an adventure
Yes   No   I'm 
yearning to be happier   

Now identify your top 3 statements 
the ones that feel are most urgent.

What can you do towards achieving one or all of these? 
think about what you need and who can help.

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In the last few years of my career as a teacher and lecturer, I struggled with stress and was concerned for my future, but I was lacking the confidence to change direction and start the next phase of my life

I was approaching retirement and expecting a significant drop in my income.

My lifestyle was going to change simply because I was growing older and I couldn’t see a meaningful or comfortable way forward.

I felt old, I looked drab, the weight piled on and I believed if I didn’t get out of an increasingly stressful job, I wouldn’t last the next few years without  a serious illness.  I was convinced that I was too old to be of value. 

However, despite my despair, a glimmer of light stirred within me and I knew deep down inside, that I would find the strength and clarity to make the transition. I didn't know HOW but I KNEW ...  I had to make it on my own terms!

So, I took back control, I did my research and found a wonderful way to start over in my new life.
I'd already studied Psychology, NLP and modern Neurology, and I I then came to understand the importance of epigenomic and nutrigenomic science in cellular energy, health and vitality.

​I learned how to regain my youthful optimistic approach and found that  modern science, my meditation and other philosphies all came together to give me a fresh lease of life!

​So, I planned for the income that would give me the lifestyle I yearned for and would still let me make a difference in the world.

Today, I'm a 'seen'ager and I’ve regained my confidence and zest for life. I wear bright but soothing colours that energise me and make me feel feminine, young and vital.

I'm now, fortunate to have a successful business that I love and one that I'm proud of because I'm helping women from all around the world to love their rejuvenation and to be happier too!

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Jackie Murphy <br/> Animal Behaviourist

Jackie Murphy
Animal Behaviourist

Victoria helps to improve your wellbeing and reduce your stress through her inspirational coaching and teaching

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Jaye Nolan<br/> Freelance Writer

Jaye Nolan
Freelance Writer

This was perfect timing for reassessing my priorities and formulating a plan going forward

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Sarah Corbett <br/> Prison Officer

Sarah Corbett
Prison Officer

Victoria has helped me bring calm back into my life

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Hilary Ellis <br/> Teacher

Hilary Ellis

I have found meditating and stress management very effective with Victoria.

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Justin Dean <br/>Creative Director

Justin Dean
Creative Director

What I have learnt through Victorias teaching and coaching with meditation and stress management, has benefited and helped me

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Rosanna Ienco <br/>  Author & Mentor

Rosanna Ienco
Author & Mentor

Victoria creates a safe and serene space for all to come and connect with their inner, true self

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because when managing your stress it's:​​

  • natural, easy to use, but it's also very discreet
  • customized to your unique personality
  • success is measurable - you can record your progress
  • a holistic approach
  • not affiliated to any religion or culture
  • based on current scientific evidence


A simple truth that we all know is;
When you have a calm body, heart and mind 
                 - you make positive decisions; 
When you make positive decisions 
                 - you get excellent results; 
When you have excellent results 
​                 - you have satisfaction;
​When you are satisfied
                 - you are happy!

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