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I have been having some challenging times in the last 12 months which have been affecting my sleep pattern and life sometimes feels over whelming.

I had never considered an on-line consultation, as I thought it would not be effective, but it was great, and it fitted in with my day.

Some simple techniques you taught me will certainly made a difference and they are so easy to do. I look forward to using the sleep exercise tonight, but the great thing is they gave instant results.

Thank you for making it fun and for explaining it is terms that I could make sense of!

Cath Mills   Business Owner

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I have been struggling with ongoing stress and overwhelm due to family problems.  By the end of the opportunity I had with Victoria, I was feeling so much calmer and happier.

She taught me some really effective and subtle techniques that work immediately on calming down the symptoms of stress, whilst making you feel much more in control. The great thing is, that you can use them in public and nobody would know!

Victoria has a wealth of knowledge and explained to me in a very clear and understandable way, why and how the techniques work. I found it helps to understand the physical symptoms of stress, why you get them and how to be in control of them.

Denise Withey    Health Centre Owner

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