Who does she help?
Victoria specialises in helping maturing women to counteract the harmful effects of stress and anxiety because they are growing older.

How does she help?
She helps her clients to reverse this damage caused by stress using the Secret Calm™ techniques and nutrigenomic products in 1:1 on-line coaching sessions. Everything Victoria shares with her clients can be kept a secret , which many prefer.

What’s her USP
Victoria is the only Secret Calm™ expert in the UK and the Secret Calm™ techniques are subtle and can all be kept secret so that no one knows her clients are using them.
Victoria is also one of only a small number of practitioners in the UK who is licenced to provide 2 unique nutrigenomic products that specifically enhance the Nrf 1 and Nrf 2 pathways in our bodies
​Again, these are discreet resources and clients maintain complete control and privacy over their health and rejuvenation.

How does it work?
The effectiveness of the Secret Calm™, is the synergy created by bringing together, the most current scientific knowledge with the most relevant ancient techniques, to produce a successful modern practice. Victoria draws upon the most recent developments in Nutrigenomics, Neuroscience, Psychology and NLP; indeed, her own grandson participated in studies at Birkbeck University.

What’s her history?
An ex-College/University Lecturer, Victoria has professionally, coached and mentored many education professionals and students. She spent an interesting period as a coach to celebrities, hosting her own celebrity life-coaching show on internet and FM radio. And in contrast, she also supported patients and health professionals in hospices and continue to work within dental practices, doctor’s surgeries and charities.

What’s her personal story?
Victoria had enjoyed her successful teaching career, but it had become too stressful. She didn’t eat well, she stopped sleeping and was constantly tired. Her energy levels were at an all-time low and she felt old.
      Victoria’s face was ageing, her hair was disappearing, and her dress code was dark and drab. Her body felt heavy, she worried about her health and she lost her confidence.  She no longer felt valued, she was disregarded, and no one listened to her anymore.
      It was time to retire but Victoria was confused and found it difficult to make decisions. She didn’t have the desire to face interviews for other jobs and certainly couldn’t face any more study or training. The thought of starting over at the age of 60 seemed too daunting!
      Fortunately, Victoria had previously, learned effective ways to relieve the symptoms of stress. So, she focused on them until she once again, had a relaxed body with a calm but alert mind. And she found inspiration and became excited about her future.
      Today, Victoria’s regained her confidence and zest for life. She feels more feminine, much younger and more vibrant. And she’s created a successful business that she loves, because now, Victoria helps other older women to start over and rejuvenate their lives too.

Is she available for Interview?
Victoria is available for media interviews and she welcomes requests for business training events and speaking at conferences or expositions.

Can media experts try it for themselves?
Victoria can offer some members of the media a free sample of a coaching session to demonstrate what makes the Secret Calm™ special.

What does the  Logo represent?

The image in the logo is of a bird that remains still and graceful amidst the chaos of softened swirls of energy that surround it. And yet, at the same time, there is the appearance of movement upwards and forwards, as if the chaos purposefully, moves the bird gently towards a destination.
The logo perfectly, represents our journey through emotions, thoughts and external forces and shows us that by remaining still and calm, we can flow more freely and easily through life's experiences.

​01474 338870  inside UK
​+44 1474 338870  outside UK