Busy lifestyles often lead to stressful lifestyles and often it seems the only way to relax is in front of the television late at night. Having known Victoria Sheridan for over 30 years she is a very skilled and talented practitioner who helps to improve your wellbeing and reduce your stress through her inspirational coaching and teaching. 

Jackie Murphy
Animal Behaviourist

I had the pleasure of a visualisation session with Victoria after the third literature festival finished. This was perfect timing for reassessing my priorities and formulating a plan going forward. It was especially lovely to be ‘given permission’ to take time out from sitting at a computer all day and make sure I incorporated some healthier habits into my daily lifestyle, including relaxation techniques.

Jaye Nolan
Freelance Writer

In the weeks leading up to my first group with Victoria, anxiety was starting to take over my life and at times I felt I could not go with the level of stress that I was experiencing. From that first group the time I have spent with Victoria has not only given me simple techniques to cope with stress and anxiety, but has given me a safe space to explore why I feel this way and how to move onwards and upwards.

Victoria has helped me bring calm back into my life, and has given me the support and encouragement to cope with some tough but worthwhile major life changes.

Sarah Corbett
Prison Officer

I have found meditating and stress management very effective with Victoria.
Her sessions have made a positive impact on my life, she has a friendly and encouraging personality that leaves you feeling peaceful and calm.
Whether you're looking for a complete de-stress or want to meditate to enhance everyday living.... or anything in between! The benefits are life changing and I would definitely recommend Victoria to make that difference.

Hilary Ellis

When I walked into Victoria's class, I was pregnant with my first child and was struggling to come to terms with being a single mother. Victoria greeted me with a friendly, sincere smile and her warm presence and caring nature immediately made me feel at home. I walked into the beautiful space that she had created for everyone. I immediately felt safe and peaceful.

Her visualisation meditation brought me a sense of tranquillity that I very much required during that time in my life. Victoria creates a safe and serene space for all to come and connect with their inner, true self, she is ethical, loving and caring. I will be forever grateful to her for offering a sacred space for me to connect more deeply with my soul.

Rosanna Ienco
Author & Mentor

I have known Victoria now for more than 25 years, what I have learnt through her teaching and coaching with meditation and stress management,  has benefited and helped me tackle different situations on so many different levels throughout my life. Now in my 40’s and Director of my own company with a family, those same tools continue to make a difference to my life and those around me.

Justin Dean
Creative Director

As with many business owners, time for relaxation usually has to take a back seat. The time I spent with Victoria learning about relaxation was really worthwhile: I was left feeling energised, de-stressed and focused.

Karen Cresswell, Marketing Consultant

Karen Cresswell
Marketing Consultant

Victoria carried out some stress workshops with my student groups. She was very caring and supportive of the learners. I use the strategies from those workshops in my teaching today. Thank you Victoria

Teresa Spiers
College Lecturer