Although, I accepted that I needed to change direction, giving up the teaching career I once loved, was difficult. I often experienced a deep sense of dread as soon as I woke up, my stomach churned at the thought of my future and I felt uneasy.  

My job had become too stressful and it was time to retire but I was expected to continue working for many years more than I anticipated and anyway, retiring at any time, was going to mean a severe drop in income.

So I felt trapped and I became miserable especially, as no one listened to me and I no longer felt valued.  Instead,  I listened to myself swing from positive to negative self -talk, I didn’t eat well, I stopped sleeping and I was constantly tired.

Slowly, I realised I was going to be ill if I didn’t do something and I reached a turning point where I knew I had to face an unknown and insecure future or else I might not have one.

Even though, I made the decision to leave, I was confused and found it difficult to make decisions. I didn’t have the energy to face interviews for other jobs and certainly couldn’t face any more study or training. The thought of starting over at this age was daunting!

Fortunately, I’d learned to meditate when I was young, and I understood the power of a calm, healthy body and a peaceful but alert mind. I’d also learned several ways to relieve the symptoms of stress. 

But I'd neglected to apply them to myself, and so I returned to practising some simple techniques.

I knew deep down inside, that from previous experiences, there had always been a way to take my life forward.  I didn't know how, but I knew that if I had to make the inevitable transition, I might as well make it on my own terms!

So, I remembered my past achievements and how successful I had been, and I focused on trying to retrieve the woman I was before.

I began meditating for inspiration and I contacted friends in business. With more information, I had more choices and I grew stronger and more confident.  

I explored my strengths and personality, to find out how I could l
ive, the next phase of my life, doing what I really loved and how to be happy again..

Then I began my transformation. I made plans to start the work I wanted, to start the income that would give me the lifestyle I yearned for and to start making a refreshed difference in the world.

Today, I’ve regained my confidence and zest for life. I wear bright but soothing colours that energise me and make me feel feminine, young and vital.

Now, I have a successful business that I love and one that I'm proud of because I'm helping women from a range of countries to rejuvenate their lives too.