I help women over 50, counteract the harmful effects of stress and anxiety that cause unhealthy lifestyles, which in turn, lead to premature ageing, insecurity and illness.

I help you to reverse this damage by using The Secret Calm™ bespoke techniques and nutrigenomic products, to Relax, Replenish and Rejuvenate you so that you achieve a greater age and happier success.

It upsets me that you can have your work, finances, relationships and health threatened because you feel so incredibly stressed and anxious. And that’s why I’m so passionate about empowering you to become resilient to stress by using simple but effective techniques.
 personally, use the very same skills that I teach you.

They're discreet and can be kept secret so that no one knows you’re using them. You can quickly learn to manage your reactions to stressful situations using the same methods that I use myself, to be rejuvenated and to become even more successful and enjoy a much happier life!

As the UK's leading Rejuvenation Coach, I use a simple 3 step programe to show you how to make positive changes and create the life and income you want so that you can have a happier life.

The Secret Calm™ brings together, the most current scientific knowledge with the most relevant ancient techniques, to produce a successful modern practice. 
I also, include recent developments in Nutrigenomics, Neuroscience, Psychology and NLP; indeed, my own grandson participated in studies at Birkbeck University, London, UK.

As a successful College/University Lecturer, I previously, professionally, coached and mentored many education professionals and students.
I spent an interesting few years as a coach to celebrities, hosting my own celebrity life-coaching show on internet and FM radio.  And in contrast, I've also supported patients and health professionals in hospices, dental practices, doctor’s surgeries and charities.

If you need expert support for your clients or employees or if you are looking for a motivational Keynote speaker then please contact me to discuss how I can help you