Are business owners and managers their own worst enemy when they're pitching and negotiating?

According to recent research, it’s very rare for them to understand the serious hidden and subliminal aspects of both low levels of stress and high levels of anxiety that can sabotage their efforts to develop businesses.

Although, obvious tell-tale signs of sleeplessness, poor diet and a general lack of self-care can lead to acute stress or chronic anxiety, they are only the tip of the ice-berg!
There are subtler effects that owners and managers don’t notice and yet they can powerfully undermine their pitches for new business and negotiations for growth and expansion.

Victoria Sheridan, CEO at the Secret Calm said, ‘Running and growing a business requires astute negotiation skills but all levels of business professionals also need to make sure their stress levels are working for them and not against them.’ 

Current research into micro-signals in facial expressions during meetings show their powerful messages reveal depths of hidden tension and worry. These are decoded unconsciously by all parties involved and can make or break situations.

Therefore, business decisions and negotiations shouldn’t be undertaken by owners and managers who are only superficially, calm and confident. This is because an apparent ease which is not genuine, ultimately leads to confused messages and weak collaborations.

However, focusses improvement of stress levels to achieve a deep state of calm will ensure that micro-signals are authentic and in-line with conscious goals so that business decisions and negotiations are super effective.

I accepted that I needed to change direction, but giving up the teaching career I once loved, was difficult. I often experienced a deep sense of dread as soon as I woke up, my stomach churned at the thought of my future and I felt uneasy.  

My job had become too stressful and it was time to retire and I wanted to change my lifestyle and work less, but I was expected to continue working for many years more than I anticipated and anyway, retiring at any time, was going to mean a severe drop in income.

I felt trapped and I became miserable especially, as no one listened to me anymore and I no longer felt valued. Instead, I listened to myself swing from positive to negative self -talk, I didn’t eat well, I stopped sleeping and I was constantly tired.

Slowly, I realised I was going to be ill if I didn’t do something and I reached a turning point where I knew I had to face an unknown and insecure future or else I might not have one.

Even though, I made the decision to leave, I was confused and found it difficult to make decisions. I didn’t have the energy to face interviews for other jobs and certainly couldn’t face any more study or training. The thought of starting over at this age was daunting!

Fortunately, I’d learned to meditate when I was young, and I understood the power of a calm, healthy body and a peaceful yet alert mind. I’d also learned various other ways to overcome the symptoms of stress. and anxiety too.

I didn't know how .... but I knew, I would make the inevitable transition into the next phase of my life .... on my own terms!

So, I took back control, did my research and found a wonderful way to start over in my new life'. I studied Psychology. NLP, Mindfulness and modern Neurology and Neuroscience and I came to appreciate the role of epigenomics and nutrigenomics in cellular energy, health and longevity. 

I learned how to regain my youthful optimistic approach and I discovered that modern science, my meditation and other philosophies all came together to give me a fresh lease of life! 

Therefore, I planned for the income that would give me the lifestyle I yearned for and would still let me make a difference in the world.

I explored my strengths and personality, to find out how I could live, the next phase of my life, doing what I really loved and how to be happy again. Today, I'm a 'seen'ager and I’ve regained my confidence and zest for life. I wear bright but soothing colours that energise me and make me feel feminine, young and vital.

Now, I have a successful business that I love and one that I'm proud of because I'm helping women from a range of countries to overcome the stress and anxiety they feel at being older and I show them how to make money doing what they love so that they can rejuvenate their lives too.

Any of us can fall into a debt trap at any time. With so many demands on the pound in our pocket, making our way in a material world calls for some serious financial planning.

However, all the best plans can be thrown up into the air due to unforeseen circumstances such as job loss or illness, and the ensuing debt is one of the major causes of stress.

But very often debt comes about through no fault of our own, we can inherit money problems from our loved ones, we can suddenly lose our jobs or our health. Most people get into financial difficulties because of unforeseen circumstances that are bigger than they could have planned for.

But it’s not just about being strong and healthy during crisis, it’s also about doing our best to avoid the situation from reoccurring.

For example, if debt has come about through gambling, it’s beating that addiction that is the primary goal - treating the source so it doesn’t get out of hand again.

Identifying what it was that made gambling appealing in the first place means we’ll be better placed to avoid the situation again.

A desperate situation can make us want to run away, or to fight and argue, or it can put us in a limbo where we don’t know what to do for the best, where we can get confused, and angry and sad.

We might have trouble sleeping, lose your appetite or find it hard to concentrate and we very often need help to discover the best coping methods that can avoid the pain of total burn-out.

And we often feel shame about our predicament and many of us prefer privacy. Not everyone wants to shout about their worries on social media, particularly, professional or business people would prefer subtler ways of coping because their public persona is so important to their livelihood.

So, what we need when we’re stressed and anxious are calming techniques that suit us so perfectly no-one knows we’re using them… we often need something discreet. When we feel painfully overloaded we need effective relaxation techniques which allow us to focus on solutions and rise above the experience

The first thing to realise is that anxiety and despair can make the matter worse because we usually, make poor decisions when we’re feeling low. Finding a new job means having to stay strong and positive and so confronting the problem and seeking the right help can help us up onto the road to recovery

We’ve been told that seeking help immediately can stop both our feelings and our finances getting out of control and there are plenty of advice centres for debt management and these can help with practical side of financial recovery but what about the very emotional impact of feeling dread and anxiety over money worries?

These serious aspects are very often neglected and are not so high on our list of priorities. And yet we need the mental and emotional stability in the face of financial meltdown to help us make the strong decisions we need to get back on our feet.

It is possible, to find inner peace and go on to lead healthier, wealthier and happier lives but what we need is a bit of breathing space to work out a strategy for coping financially.

Using powerful one to one stress management coaching and using a number of tried and tested relaxation techniques can help us feel less alone and misunderstood and support us to face up to the difficult decisions that need to make about securing a debt free and financially affluent future.

We can change the way we experience debt and financial concerns so we can be put them into a much healthier perspective. After all, it’s better to live a more peaceful life with financial control.