3 Lessons in Managing Stress

These are all with me, in person at my practice or on-line via a virtual platform.

To take full control of your resilience and reduce your stress 

During each 1:1 training session, I personally, take you through specific steps that give you individual attention and focus on your stressful situation.
You can practice personalised techniques with me so that we both know you have mastered them. And because they're personalised to your personality and needs, it feels completely natural to use them where ever and whenever you need to.

And you won't be embarrassed because no-one will guess that you are using these very subtle methods
No-one will know you're managing your reactions to stress and they won't see HOW you are staying calm and relaxed.

These powerful and personal lessons are perfect to help you deal with your stress and anxiety on an ad hoc basis and so they're also, excellent if you are preparing for interviews, business presentations, public speaking, driving, tests and other exam conditions. 

These lessons are also very popular for wedding nerves as brides and grooms and other VIPs prepare for their Big Day and family and friends get concerned about giving speeches.

"I have been having some challenging times in the last 12 months which have been affecting my sleep pattern and life sometimes feels over whelming.

I had never considered an on-line consultation, as I thought it would not be effective, but it was great, and it fitted in with my day.

Some simple techniques you taught me certainly made a difference and they are so easy to do. I look forward to using the sleep exercise tonight, but the great thing is they gave instant results.

Thank you for making it fun and for explaining it is terms that I could make sense of."

Cath Mills  -  Weight Plan Consultant

Do you want to stay balanced and deal with a stressful situation?

Are you looking for a way to have a calmer life?

This course of 3 lessons gives you individual attention so that you can practice and then use personalised techniques that suit you.

It feels completely natural to use them when-ever you need to because they're based on your natural abilities to cope with painful situations.  And no one knows you're using them.

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