3 Month Rejuvenation Programme of 1:1 Coaching, 
- with me, in person or virtually -

You begin with 1 Start Session which gives you 3 effective techniques you can use immediately
that change your quickly improve your brain and relieve harmful effects symptoms of stress.

You then have 8 Personal Rejuvenation Coaching Sessions with me that show you how to use the Secret Calm™ tools and methods to -
► resilient to immediate stress 
► re-establish your youthful nature and appearance.
► increase your holistic health and clear your mindset 
► develop your best income streams to secure your long-term future

These Rejuvenation Coaching sessions are in person or on line  - either at my practice in Kent or on a virtual platform
You have 3 live webinars with replays to give you extra knowledge and understanding 

And, you also have Extra Support from me by via personal messages and calls. 

You are also invited to join our social media platforms for inspiration and updates on events.

And automatic FREE membership to my Very Private Facebook Support Group, so that you can progress with the added support of a positive, friendly and respectful community. 
In other words, you are NOT alone.


PLUS I give you some Extra Bonuses, as you go along, to sweeten your success.

So, In this BE HAPPY Programme, YOU'LL FOCUS ON ...
• Mastering specific techniques  • Knowing HOW and WHY they work  • Becoming resilient to stress  • Ensuring a healthy longevity


► Sleeping deeply & looking youthful 
► Smiling frequently & feeling attractive
► Starting your days refreshed & positive


Does this appeal to you? 
Would you like me to help you with all of these?

As the UK's Leading Rejuvenation Coach,
keynote speaker, writer and business network host  -
I have the reputation for being authentic and having a genuine and heart-felt interest in all of my clients' success

I give my attention to your intention
So, when you invest in yourself, 
and in your future, with me then I am 100% focused on what you want to acheive.
And, as I only work with a small number of people at a time, you get my personal effort and attention.

Therefore, when you work with me, you also have my
If you have fully engaged with all of the techniques and completed the entire programme but have not achieved the result we agree on, then I will happily give you a refund.

Interested and want to know more?


... scroll down for the QUIZ below ...


Tick all that apply to you   

I'm longing for a good night's sleep
I wish I could eat healthier
I need more energy and vitality 
I'd love to feel attractive and younger

I wish others would listen to me
I need to feel valued and appreciated
I'd love to feel more confident
I want to be make good decisions

I'd like to be secure in my future
I long to be carefree 
I'm ready for an adventure
I need
 to be happier   

Now identify your top 3 statements 
- the ones that feel are most urgent to you right NOW -

These show you the most harmful aspects of stress that are affecting you today.

You can work with me to create your individual and personalised plan to have long term and lasting resilience.

. . . read on for Sara's thoughts and feelings about her results . . .


I have been struggling with ongoing stress and overwhelm due to family problems.  By the end of the opportunity I had with Victoria, I was feeling so much calmer and happier.

She taught me some really effective and subtle techniques that work immediately on calming down the symptoms of stress, whilst making you feel much more in control. The great thing is, that you can use them in public and nobody would know!

Victoria has a wealth of knowledge and explained to me in a very clear and understandable way, why and how the techniques work. I found it helps to understand the physical symptoms of stress, why you get them and how to be in control.   

Sara Squires  - College and University Lecturer

Most people talk about it - some people try it  - but only a few, actually get on and do it!

Are you an action taker and do what you need to do?

If YES then are you . . . 

Ready to begin your coaching and get the calm clarity you need?
Willing to put the effort into doing some simple techniques?
Able to keep to regular appointments and commit to your youthful and happier life?

OK, if you ARE  Ready, Willing and Able
AND you Value yourself . . .  AND you want to Invest in YOU 


Then YES ...  this wonderful, life-changing program is a GREAT CHOICE for you!

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