Create these habits before you go to bed each evening to enjoy a deep sleep. Design a simple nightly routine that will help you to make your sleep a replenishing experience, to restore your energy, feel more balanced and have a peaceful start to your mornings.

  1. Prepare your bedroom environment by keeping it, tidy removing all technology and keeping the temperature comfortable between 18C-24C. Hang thick curtains and replace any bright colours in your décor with more muted hues. Place a heavy blanket on top of your duvet and tuck yourself in tightly. Only lay on a pillow that supports your head in a level position and use soft lighting until the lights are turned off completely.
  2. Listen to some relaxing music that is mood enhancing and pleasing for half an hour while you have your sleep-inducing snack.
  3. Eat specific foods that relax your muscles, make you feel drowsy and induce sleep such as a banana, a handful of almonds or chickpeas, about half hour before you intend to go to sleep. And drink a small amount of cool water or warmed water with a dash of a milk substitute such as almond milk.
  4. Let your clock to remind you to go to bed at the same time every evening and establish a routine that your body clock (circadian rhythms) can regulate itself. Also, set your clock to wake you at the same time every morning.

This simple routine helps you to restore your vitality, feel happier and make clear decisions your day.