Do this quick relaxation in the morning before you get out of bed and whilst you’re waiting for you day to start. Do it in your car when you stop and park up, choose a spot near some trees, or somewhere off the main road, to restore your balance, or maybe in the bathroom at work, to regain your focus and de-stress yourself.

  1. Sit, lean or stand and sense yourself in that space and how it supports you.
    Feel your feet on the floor and be aware of your body in the seat or against the wall. Sense your body, in your mind.

  2. Half or fully close your eyes and focus on the way you are breathing. Notice how shallow or how deep your body takes in the air around you and how quickly, or how slowly your body releases it out.

  3. Focus only on breathing. Imagine that when you breathe out, all stress, worry and concern floats away and imagine that as you breathe in, calm energy and healing support flow into you.

This simple exercise helps you to quickly restore the balance in your body, your emotions and your mind and empowers you to continue your day.